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Theresa Hanson, LE

Sweet Cheeks Sugaring Studio is the brainchild of Theresa Hanson, LE. She started out like most estheticians using traditional wax, and ditched the razor shortly after starting Esthetics School. She loved not having to shave, but had great concern over the damaged skin resulting from traditional waxing.


After completing Sugar of the Nile's training program in April 2015, Theresa started honing the art and technique of Body Sugaring. As of 2018, Theresa followed her love of fostering new talent and became a certified instructor for Sugar of the Nile, training local professionals in body sugaring.

Theresa Hanson, LE graduated from Ravenscroft Beauty College in 2014 and has had extensive post graduate training in sugaring, intimate waxing, speed waxing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser procedures, clinical skincare conditions, and medical grade skincare products. She is currently finishing her Bachelor's Degree at IPFW.


Drew Fletcher, LE

Drew is passionate about body and mental healing as well as holistic health. You can often find her hiking, writing, or working on photo shoots in her free time. LGBTQIA+ & BLM safe.

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Sarah is one of our lovely receptionists. She has a background in Herbalism and is currently studying Organic Skincare Formulation with a focus on incorporating Botanicals into everyday Skincare products. Sarah formulates our Bare Necessities Sugaring Aftercare Serum, Sugar Scrub, Soaps, and Lip Balm! She is passionate about self-care and helping others. 


Sam Guy


Sam is one of our lovely receptionists. She is a graduate of the University of Saint Francis with a degree in Studio Art Photography with a minor in Psychology. She has a passion for helping people and is an advocate for taking the time you need for self-care.

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